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FC Bikes Bicycle Ambassador Program

Learn! Educate! Advocate!
for a better cycling community in Northern Colorado

Latest News from BAP

Stay current. This is just a sample of the latest news from the Bicycle Ambassador Program. For more updates, click below.

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Plenty of Good Reasons to Keep Biking During Winter

10th November 2015 by BAP Admin

The first day of winter isn’t officially until Dec. 22. But if you’re like me, visions of winter are easily conjured.

I envision horizontal blizzards, bone-chilling cold and weather bleak enough to send me packing south. Pueblo maybe?

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Bike Safety Week, reminder to ride, drive smart

27th October 2015 by BAP Admin

We like to think of every week as bike safety week, but during this week Fort Collins Police Services and FC Bikes will be out in the field promoting bicycle safety at key locations.

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Quiz tests motorist/cyclist knowledge of law of the road

13th October 2015 by BAP Admin

As a motorist, have you ever wondered why those scofflaw bicyclists brazenly ride in the middle of the road as if they own the lane? As a bicyclist, have you wondered why those arrogant motorists boldly cross the double yellow line to get around bicyclists?

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