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Bicycle Ambassador Program

promoting safe cycling in northern Colorado


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Winter bicycling tips for the fair-weather commuter

24th November 2014 by BAP Admin

It is no secret that winter has come to Fort Collins. However, cold weather and short days don’t mean commuters need to put away their bicycles for the season.

Ride ready

While winter cycling may take a little extra preparation, it is well worth the effort. Proper clothing and accessories can make a world of difference in a bicyclist’s comfort level in cold weather.

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How one workplace made strides being bicycle-friendly

3rd November 2014 by BAP Admin

A little teamwork can go a long way. Our mission at the Health District of Northern Larimer County is to create a healthier community, which includes doing our part as employees to role model the benefits of bicycling for exercise, decreasing air pollution and traffic congestion, and enjoying time spent outdoors.

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It’s bicyclists’ responsibility to protect pedestrians

21st October 2014 by BAP Admin

Third-hand information is never considered evidence in courts of law. Such stories are considered hearsay, or unsubstantiated rumors. The following story is just that, but it’s a good story because it illustrates two rules every bicyclist needs to follow: Always yield the right of way to more vulnerable users of the road and “ride cool.”

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