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Bicycle Ambassador Program

promoting safe cycling in northern Colorado


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You know me, I ride a bike

9th February 2015 by BAP Admin

Some of you may know me. I’m a mom, a Colorado State University employee, a neighborhood leader and a bicyclist. I drive a car sometimes, too.

Lisa Butler is a doctor, a foodie, and she too is a bicyclist. She also drives a car now and then. Richard Taranow is a restaurant owner, brother, uncle and bicyclist. And he loves cars — fast ones.

We are just a few of the many faces of the Fort Collins bicycling community. But just because we often prefer to ride bikes doesn’t mean we completely alienate ourselves from other motorists.

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Program promotes biking for Hispanics, Latinos

26th January 2015 by BAP Admin

As for many people here, the bicycle represents a critical means of transportation for people living within the north Fort Collins communities served by Vida Sana.

The University of Colorado Health program is a community coalition addressing health disparities among Hispanics, Latinos and low-income community members in north Fort Collins. Operating within the Coalition for Activity and Nutrition to Defeat Obesity (CanDo) and funded the state, Vida Sana helps connect residents in select Fort Collins communities with the resources they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Tips to help you overcome winter biking obstacles

12th January 2015 by BAP Admin

Does riding a bike in winter sound daunting?

Rest assured you are not alone if you answered yes to that question. Here are some ideas to overcome common barriers to bicycling year-round: Read more…