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Request a Bicycle Friendly Driver Class

  • Thank you for your interest in hosting a Bicycle Friendly Driver Class presented by the Bicycle Ambassador Program. Please submit your request at least four weeks before the date you would like the class (to allow time for scheduling and promotion). Also note that you and/or other personnel at your organization will need to promote the program and maintain a sign-up for participants.

  • (e.g., “Your Business Name, Conference Room D”)
  • (e.g., computer, projector, screen)
  • (Please list one to three possible dates you could host the presentation as well as the desired start time for each date. Note that Bicycle Friendly Driver course is a 90 minute course)
  • (e.g., by emailing the presentation contact, by calling a designated person, through your workplace wellness program, etc.)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.