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By BAP Admin

Don’t miss out on 9th annual Winter Bike to Work Day

On 08, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In Bicycling, News | By BAP Admin

Wednesday’s forecast looks promising: high in the mid-50s, low at right around freezing. Not too shabby for the second Wednesday of December (knock on wood). Take that with a grain of salt, of course. This is Colorado after all, and I’m no weatherman.

In any case, FC Bikes is expecting around 1,200 people to don their winter gear and ride their bike to work for the City’s 9th annual Winter Bike to Work Day on December 9, 7-9:30am. The biggest event yet will feature 30 breakfast stations located around town, many with local bike mechanics on-hand for a quick check of your bike. Here are a few tips for a fun Winter Bike to Work Day.

  1. DRESS THE PART – Remember that clothing choice for your ride to work is also an important decision, but bulky, sweaty layers needn’t be included. Try a synthetic base layer, a fleece middle layer to insulate, and a wind resistant yet breathable outer layer. Protect your feet, hands and ears to keep you comfortable. You can even arrive ready to work without changing into something completely different.
  2. MAP IT OUT – Check out our printable breakfast station map or an interactive map, both available at Plan your route ahead of time along the City’s low-stress bike network and trail system for a more comfortable and easy-paced ride.
  3. BRING YOUR MUG – Free breakfast awaits hungry bellies on bikes, and plan on an insulated mug to stock up on a day’s worth of hot coffee. The typical coffee mug probably isn’t the best idea in a water bottle cage.
  4. TAKE PHOTOS! – Winter Bike to Work Day will be a prime time to snap some awesome photos with your bike. You can even enter them in the Bike Winter Photo Contest by sending them to We will post them to our Facebook page, and the top 10 photos (as voted by followers) will be displayed at Wolverine Publick House, February 5, at the Bike Winter Celebration.

OK, OK. Maybe I haven’t convinced you to ditch your car on Wednesday. Perhaps our summer Bike to Work Day sounds more like your cup of tea. Consider instead FC Bikes’ newest educational course and certification offering.

To coincide with Winter Bike to Work Day, FC Bikes, in collaboration with Bike Fort Collins, is launching the Bicycle Friendly Driver program, aimed at educating all drivers on the best ways to share the road with people on bikes.  Upon successful completion of the course, drivers will earn a certificate and a sticker to display on their vehicle.

The Bicycle Friendly Driver certification isn’t just for people whose other vehicle is a bike. In a community with ever-increasing numbers of people on bikes, this program focuses on unique scenarios motorists may encounter when sharing the road with cyclists.

Businesses can request to host a free class at their establishment or individuals can register for scheduled classes starting in April 2016. Check out for more information on what is sure to be a popular class.

Nick Heimann, MPH is a member of BPEC, a League Cycling Instructor, and employed by FC Bikes at the City of Fort Collins.


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