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Bicycle Ambassador Program

Fort Collins gets first dedicated bicycle signal

While the MAX and the extension of the Mason Corridor have been in operation for several months, the multimodal corridor continues to function as a living laboratory with the city and Colorado State University as we seek new ways to improve the design and function of the corridor to serve all users.

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Tandem Team Encourages Biking

Nothing should stop a person from commuting to work, or across a state, at any time of year, agree Robin and Ed Hildenbrand of Loveland. (Robin is a Bicycle Ambassador.)

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Start em’ Young to Foster a Life of Riding

What’s your first memory of bicycling? How old were you? What words describe how you felt

when you took off on two wheels?

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No Badge of Courage Needed

By Kim Sharpe

Are you part of the 60 percent? That’s the portion of people in our community who are” interested, but concerned” when it comes to riding a bicycle—those who may feel riding a bike requires a badge of courage. If this resonates with you, I hope to change that perception.

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Ride defensively to stay out of headlines

On 22, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Bicycle Ambassador Program, Bicycling, News, Safety | By BAP Admin

Hit-and-run crash kills cyclist. Two cyclists hit by car. Cyclist dies in crash with truck. These are recent Coloradoan headlines no one wants to read.

No cyclist wants to be a victim and no motor vehicle driver wants to hit cyclist. But how can you protect yourself from something you seemingly don’t control?

Although only 17 percent of bicycle crashes involve motor vehicles, this topic deserves all the attention it gets. Read more…

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Don’t fall prey to the lug nut rule

On 22, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Bicycle Ambassador Program, Bicycling, News, Safety | By BAP Admin

As I was preparing to teach a recent League of American Bicyclists Traffic Safety 101 (TS101) class, I came across some interesting information about bicycle crashes. What I discovered is that the majority of bicycle crashes involve the bicyclist all by themselves. Solo. No other bike, pedestrian or car involved. The reasons I can imagine include a cyclist not properly avoiding a road hazard such as a gutter grate, riding with no hands or getting distracted and losing control. Read more…

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Reaching out to the ‘interested but concerned’ 60 percent of bicyclists

On 11, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Bicycle Ambassador Program, News, Safety | By admin

Fort Collins is a community of active and involved bicyclists. Many of us pride ourselves on the frequency with which we ride, our eclectic collection of bicycles, the extreme conditions in which we ride, and the extent to which we get involved with local and statewide cycling events.

However, despite the high visibility of this involved group, this is not the majority of the bicycling population. There is a large — 60 percent — segment of the population that is identified as “interested but concerned,” which is the majority.

At the third annual Colorado Bicycle Summit in Denver last month, keynote speaker Gov. John Hickenlooper spoke of the importance of continuing to promote the bike-friendly brand for Colorado.

To this end, he identified the need to reach out to the various segments of bicyclists — particularly the biggest, yet most underserved portion — the “interested but concerned.” This group does not consist of thrill seekers, racers or hipsters, but rather fair-weather bikers who value comfort, safety and convenience. These riders may or may not own a bike and may hardly ever get out to ride because of the real and perceived dangers. Despite the fact that this is the largest segment of the biking population, it is the most overlooked. Read more…

RIDE 2012 Features the Bicycle Ambassador Program

The 2012 RIDE Bicycling Guide to Northern Colorado is out! Inside you’ll find stories about the Bicycle Ambassador Program, Safe Routes to School and the local cycling calendar. Read online or pick one up at your favorite bike shop.

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